The truth is hidden, yet it does not hide


Dead Gummy

photography, street finds

a gummy bear was found on a Bronx street, lifeless. Cause of non-life was unknown.

Pittsburgh Surreal

photography, surreal

Strolling through the 'Burgh early one winter morning. This photo is natural and doesn't have any effects on it.

Airplane Child

photography, children

Happens to be my favorite Boricua. What kid doesn't like to do airplane?

Going Nowhere

winter, urban

Nothing will stop a person from (or aspiring to be from) SoHo from doing the cool, hip thing that they need to do. Not even a blizzard.

The Come Up

photography, urban, NYC

When down, the only place to go is up. Of course, if not at the bottom already, you could go further.

A Fly Dolphin

photography, fashion

If you're gonna be a dophin, be a fly one. Digs?

Fenced Out

photography, urban

What's more noting of insecurity than a fence?

Fluxed Up Situation

photography, surreal, urban

I love fluxing. The first thing that I want to do when I wake up, and the last thing I want to do when going to sleep.

Crowded Paths

photography, winter, snow, urban

Everyone walks this way, everyone talks this way. This is the reason why I don't. For most paths, I like to have the only footprint.

Who's There?

photography, urban, grafitti

I'm not sure anymore, who's knocking at my door. Most often, no one that I want to answer for.

Far Fetched

photography, urban, skyline, NYC

They think it's just not possible.

Ill Company

photography, people

My dude Mo'. One of the illest photographers that I know. Kinda gave me the keys to Harlem.

Where Are We?

photography, flying, urban

The lack of light, perfect for an illusion.

All Day I...

photography, fashion, shoes

My favorite American shoe. Nothing really says "NYC" like a pair of Adidias.

Flower Powered

photography, nature, flowers

Wake up and smell them. For real.

Two Hour Lunched

photography, food, sushi

Are you too afraid to take a two-hour lunch break?

Absurdly Obscured

photography, surreal

Often, the view is better this way. The big picture becomes more clear.

Action Figures

photography, toys, flea market

They play with us.

Beautifully Littered

photography, urban, nature

Nothing teleological, just find the beauty. Of course if you can't realize aesthetics, then you'll miss it.

Great Escapes

photography, urban, store-fronts

We either try to escape ignorance, or from the banality, OR we try to escape learning by saying "those are someone else's thoughts."